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Tom Baur joins our team!

On 17 August 2020, Tom Baur joined the Blue Accelerator team. He will look for new business opportunities for our maritime innovation and development platform.

Tom Baur assigned as business developer for Blue Accelerator
Tom Baur appointed as business developer for Blue Accelerator.

"My role will be to further develop the business opportunities of Blue Accelerator. This means to further explore and grow the market of developers who need to develop, test and demonstrate their applications."

The strength of the Blue Accelerator test platform is that it offers its users a quick access with a simplified fast-track permit procedure.

"This is a complicated market with a many different actors in a wide range of industries and sectors, each with different time horizons. The potential is huge as the high interest already shows."

About Tom Baur

Tom Baur is a senior specialist in blue energy market development. He advises and connects large companies, SMEs, public and private partners in the blue economy and in offshore renewable energy in particular.

Tom works with developers, innovating spinoffs, in public-private partnerships and with accelerator programmes. He has more than 15 years of international experience in Europe and in emerging markets.

About Blue Accelerator

The Blue Accelerator is a test platform for open water (offshore) testing in the marine and maritime R&D domains. Applications that can be tested at the platform are, among others, wave convertors, corrosion testing, balance of energy system components, cable and connector testing, aquaculture subsystems, drone and ROV testing.

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